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Check out our Online Shop! We offer 100% Kenyan coffee, produced under conditions that have in mind fair prices and sustainability for the communities.

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We rely on direct trade! This means sourcing and purchasing of Green Coffee directly from the local small scale farmers in Kenya.


Our Work

With Kedovo e.V. we are supporting sustainable Coffee farming in Kenya as well as Education for Sustainable Development for the children of our coffee producers.

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 Kenya Arabica Coffee, Wet Processed (#kedovocoffeeproject)


                i) KENYA NDURUTU AB TOP- Main Crop 2016-2017

                Product Description


Producer : Ndurutu Wet Mill, Rutuma Cooperative Society
Region: Nyeri County
Country: Kenya
Variety: SL 28 and SL 34
Elevation: 1700-1850m above sea level
Process: Washed and Sun Dried

Cup Profile: Medium body with citrus acidity reseulting in a well-rounded cup with finishing hints of black currant.



With Purchase of this coffee we support the work of Kedovo e.V(www.Kedovo.org)

Green Coffee 100% Kenya Arabica

At Chania Coffee we give small -scale coffee farmers in Nyeri; Kenya a chance to network, share their great experiences in the cultivation of coffee and facilitate them in finding solutions to the challenges of the ever-changing world of business .

We work closely with these farmers to introduce them to modern coffee farming methods and at the same time supporting the Roasters and Importers  who are interested in bringing their customers high quality Direct Trade Kenyan coffee.

Our work is being a part of these coffee producing communities, understanding how the traditional supply chain of coffee impacts the farmers and we find solutions on how we can bring real value to these communities at the same time preserving the integrity and quality of the coffee.

Our work is based on the direct relationship with the coffee producers, and the Transparency all the way from the cultivation of coffee to the availing of the produce in the International markets.

We work tirelessly with these farmers together to ensure that the "Chania Coffee" story is worth remembering  and repeating. Be part of our story ...

Our coffee range offers a selection of 100% Kenyan Arabica coffee. From mild to strong, ground or as whole beans, green coffee beans for professional and commercial roasters as well as for Home Roasting .

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