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Our main work at Chania Coffee is Coffee and coffee and coffee....
We  sell Direct  Trade green coffee to Roasters in Germany and the rest of Europe , coffee directly sourced from small-scale coffee farmers in the Central Province of Kenya.

We facilitate the genuine and transparent forging of connections between the Roasters and the coffee farmers into place.

We spend as much time as possible with the farmers who produce our coffees and train them extensively so that they can produce and achieve the highest quality of coffee.

Through this connection, the roasters have the opportunity to work side by side with the farmers and be at the forefront in bringing their customers Direct Trade Kenyan coffee.

Our main varieties are SL28 and SL34 grown in the high altitude areas of about  1750m above sea level  on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the Abedares.

This coffee is usually  acidic and has a very delicate flavor. The area has a rich, red and well drained soil, full of nutrients that is ideal for growing coffee.

The coffees are grown in small-scale farming system where farmers form cooperatives in order to minimize operating costs of processing and distribution.

The coffee is selectively hand picked during the dry season when the cherries are bright red and ripe.
Coffee picking is done twice a year with the main season from October to December and a smaller season between June and early August.

Chania Coffee is mountain grown and as we all know mountain grown coffees are harder, and the harder the bean, the better the flavour! The coffee is picked upon ripening; one beautiful cherry at a time!


Chania Coffee facilitates the Direct Sourcing of green coffee for roasters in Germany and the European market through a consistent transparent supply model, which takes into account fair prices that support sustainable business operations, by ensuring that the lives of coffee farming communities are improved.


Chania Coffees independent sourcing services include:

  •  The acquisition of green coffee samples from origin for the Roasters to access quality.
  •  Meeting of procurement, provision and quality assessment.
  • Offer a reliable and consistent supply of Kenya’s finest green coffee beans at fair prices that support sustainable business practices.
  • Management of the sales process, that is Sampling and processing orders. This is done in the context of shortening the supply chain and procurement of beans through more direct access.

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We are also green coffee traders, that supply Roasters in Germany and the rest of Europe with green coffee, as well as Green coffee beans for Home roasting in smaller quantities. Write to us at to get a quotation on wholesale prices.
We also sell at Retail and Wholesale proffessionally-roasted coffee beans and ground coffee for home, office or commercial use. Please
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