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Children of the coffee farmers

Chania Coffee was initiated to support the work of KEDOVO e.V ( a Non-Profit Organisation based in Germany that facilitates sustainable development programs in rural villages of Kenya.


10% of Chania Coffee revenue is donated to KEDOVO e.V to support the children of the coffee farmers towards their education requirements.


Chania Coffee through KEDOVO e.V intiates measure in the coffee sector in central province Kenya where we work and train the farmers on :

Kedovo Volunteers

1. Sustainable coffee farming which ensures a continued supply of coffee within the ecological, economical and social limits using practises that respect the crop, soils and the farmers to sustain coffee production in the long term.


2.Organizing training workshops to enhance capacity building within the coffee growing communities.


3. Equip women and the youth with knowledge and enterpreneurial skills inorder to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

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