Who we are

Chania Coffee is owned and operated by Social Entrepreneur Muthoni 'Soni' Schneidewind in Germany with the farmers in Nyeri -Kenya taking an active role in ensuring that the coffee is grown, harvested, sorted and graded in the highest quality possible.

Soni believes that the economic sustainability of the coffee producers begins when they are given the business tools and knowledge resources to make a livable income.




At Chania Coffee, our mission is to Establish a complete line of high quality Arabica Coffee beans and at the same time facilitate sustainable livelihood opportunities for the coffee Producers in Kenya, through coffee farming.



Our vision is to promote the social welfare of the community by ensuring that money flows back into these impoverished coffee-producing communities in order to stimulate the growth out of poverty.

Core Values


Transparency in the cultivation and supply of coffee to ensure that coffee farmers get their fair profit and can lead a successful and sustainable business.

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Chania Coffee House Holsten Therme Norderstrasse 8

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Chania Coffee
Kirchhoff Strasse 13
24568 Kaltenkirchen
Telefon: 0049 4191 957 93 00 0049 4191 957 93 00



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